We believe the best design process is an ongoing, eng年龄d conversation with our clients. So bring your experience, your opinions, and your questions. We’ll provide the Crayola markers. Oh wait, and a model and VR Goggles.


We are an award-winning architecture and interior design studio with offices in Boston and 25 years of expertise in architecture for the arts and entertainment. Our projects span a wide-range within this specialty area, including civic performing arts centers, new and renovated educational arts facilities, and the design of state-of-the-art entertainment venues.

A team of 27 talented and committed individuals, we design environments that create experiences with an engaging process, an eye for the theatrical, and a compelling vision.  We enjoy pushing creative boundaries and understand how to create social spaces where people love to be and can’t wait to return to.


Feasibility Studies, Programming, Master Planning, Full-Service Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration.


Together, we are…

有趣的. We laugh, daily. More than daily. It’s interspersed among diligent work.
Adventurous. Like hiking Mount Everest, walking across the desert, captaining a boat or starting on a road trip with no particular destination in mind.
有创意的. We have fantastical ideas and are filled with a childlike obsession to create.
战术. We anticipate challenges, forecast solutions and untangle complications before obstacles become major headaches.
Collaborative. We work in a studio environment where all voices are heard, all ideas are tested and all hands are on deck.
Multicultural. Our staff is from Colombia, United Kingdom, 西班牙, 乌干达, 越南, all united by their passion for design.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) at Wilson Butler Architects

We aim to create a welcoming work environment in which all employees are accepted, have their voices heard and valued, and have access to equal opportunities for growth and success, both professionally and personally, regardless of race, 性别, 宗教, nationality, orientation, 能力, 年龄, 等.

The Client Experience

Together, we…

鼓励 our clients to think differently.
深化 our relationships with our clients to be an extension of their organization.
相信 in a holistic design approach by inviting open and thorough dialogue.
Encour年龄 every client, and every consultant, to be as invested in the design as we are.

“They helped us imagine what we could not imagine on our own.”

– Kelley Shanley, President & CEO Broward Center for the Performing Arts

History and Legacy

We are part of history…

We don’t like to brag often but the roots of our studio reach back to Benjamin Thompson, a founding member of The Architects’ Collaborative (TAC) in Cambridge together with Walter Gropius.
WBA’s founding directors, Scott Wilson and Scott Butler, began careers working for Benjamin Thompson + Associates, a firm that emphasized buildings are about creating a “setting for an enriched way of life.” That approach is still honored today as we design facilities which meet each client’s unique requirements, respond to the individual physical context of each site, and celebrate the joy embodied in the arts.


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